I have studied a Bachelor of Audio Production at SAE Institute Sydney, learning from industry professionals such as Paul McKercher (Producer), Ben Feggans, Oscar Gaona and Mark McKinnon-Bassett (Mastering Engineers). During this period I have had experience in recording, mixing and mastering a variety of musical styles and instruments in studios 301, Megaphon Studios, The Lab (Level 7), The Conservatorium of Music (University of Sydney), SAE Studios Sydney, The Sonic Factory (where I worked for a year) and was taken under the wing of Oscar Gaona at Free Energy Device Studios to work on my mastering skills as well as recording sound on location with a portable rig.

I was fortunate enough to spend 6 weeks travelling through Nepal and India recording musicians in their home towns with Greg Simmons, founder of Audio Technology Magazine. I am a firm believer in keeping a positive and creative vibe in the studio. Being a musician myself, I have an understanding of the musician’s role in the recording studio and I like to think I am good at motivating musicians to perform at their best!

I have a keen interest in Binaural recordings which you can listen to in my blog. I currently provide mastering services and I am looking to do more binaural recordings in the future!

I am also an audiologist working for Bay Audio having completed my Masters in Clinical Audiology in 2016. If you want a hearing test or musicians ear plugs you should consider contacting your nearest Bay Audio store.

Musician ear plugs are pretty great as sound quality is preserved and they are moulded to your ear shape for comfort. The type we use also have interchangeable filters so you can have more control over how much attenuation you want (5dB, 10dB and 25dB options). That way you may never have to come and see me for hearing aids in the future!

Here’s a link to Bay Audio’s website if you are interested

You can even do a quick hearing screen on the website!


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